Call for action: #StopPutinsBombs on Aleppo.

Remember our collective action matters, share this.

We are all horrified by the news coming out of Aleppo, but we can’t give in to the pain and despair while medics and rescue workers continue to save lives in Aleppo.

We have the tools to pressure leaders and politicians around the world to act now and save Aleppo. Speak up now. Act now. Our collective action matters. It has worked before in delivering aid to Madaya and it can work now to bring the world’s attention to Putin and Assad war crimes against Aleppo.

Take five minutes to do these five actions:


FIRST - Send a letter to your MP: Call and write to your representatives in the parliament and ask them to stop the bombs on Aleppo. Ask them to #StopPutinsBombs and denounce Russia’s grave human rights violations because #NeverAgainIsNow. Use and adapt the text available here.


SECOND - Facebook check-in: Check in on Russian embassy’s Facebook page in your country and post a picture from Aleppo. Find the Facebook page of the Russian embassy in your country and pictures to use on this page.


THIRD - Contact the Russian Embassy: Call and write to the Russian embassy in your country and ask them to stop the bombing. Bombard the embassy with emails and phone calls. Follow this link to find the phone number and email of the Russian embassy in your country.


FOURTH - Tweet to politicians: Tweet to politicians around the world. All you need to do is click on "TWEET NOW" next to the politician's name on this page.

Finally: share this call for action with your friends and family.


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