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You can use and adapt the letter below to write to your representatives in the parliament. 

Dear [Name of the MP],

The World Health Organization announced that all makeshift hospitals in Eastern Aleppo are out of service, after five days of air and artillery strikes by Russian and government forces.

Between November 14 and 19 Russian and Assad’s airstrikes killed 289 and injured 159 civilians in Eastern Aleppo according to the Syrian Civil Defense.

On Friday, November 18 morning there were five functioning hospitals, by evening there were three and by early Saturday morning the Aleppo Health Directorate said that there were no hospitals in service. One of the hospitals destroyed was the last children’s hospital — it was bombed whilst the pediatricians treated the victims of a chlorine gas attack.

More than 250,000 people remain trapped in Eastern Aleppo, of whom 100,000 are children.

Every day, they experience unparalleled levels of trauma and anxiety, making them an especially vulnerable group with only 29 doctors remaining to care for them and their families.

On October 26, Stephen O’Brien, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, has traced the responsibility of the besiegement and fierce bombardment of eastern Aleppo to Russia and the Syrian government. He stated that these indiscriminate attacks constitute war crimes.

Putin and Assad are relying on you to look away.

Aleppo, one of the birthplaces of civilization has been failed utterly by the leaders of the ‘civilized world’ who stand idly by and watch this massacre unfold. We can never say we didn’t know. We can never say “never again”. Never again is now. And the real question is what will you do? What steps will you take to ensure protection of civilians and delivery of humanitarian aid for those who need it the most?

I am writing to ask you to:

  1. Exert diplomatic leverage on Russia to immediately stop the bombardment of Eastern Aleppo
  2. Ensure continuous access and delivery of relief and humanitarian aid to Eastern Aleppo
  3. Make a clear statement on Russia’s war crimes committed in eastern Aleppo and call for accountability for these crimes

Yours sincerely,

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